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Rovipharm has joined the SGH Healthcaring group! Why?


  • To meet your needs for standard or bespoke manufacturing or medical subcontracting more effectively.
  • To offer you outstanding quality, secure sourcing and faster response times


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A company culture set on innovation.


As the company's latest innovation, this all-in-one device consists of a child-resistant cap, a tamper-evident ring and a press-in adapter to connect a syringe. It comes with a syringe with a dosing capacity ranging from 1 to 10 ml.

Increased security with its tamper-evident ring, child-resistant cap and non-removable adapter.


Compatible with glass and plastic bottles with a PP28 neck


Ergonomic and easy to use


Delivered as a fully assembled device, facilitating integration on packaging lines


This extemporaneous system enables to reconstitute a medication or dietary supplement just before administration. It consists of a container and a spike, both equipped with a sealing, for both glass and plastic PP28 bottles. The assembly is secured with a tamper-evident ring.

Minimizes the need for preservatives


Extends shelf life


Provides a secured system thanks to its tamper-evident ring and reconstitution process without opening the cap


A kit consisting of a child-resistant cap with tamper-evident ring, an integrated 1 ml dosing syringe and a press-in bottle adapter. The kit is screwed onto a glass or plastic PP28 bottle

secure : tamper-evident, child-resistant


Clean and compact : integrated dosing syringe


Delivered as complete kit, for easy integration on packaging lines





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