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Rovipharm has joined the SGH Healthcaring group! Why?


  • To meet your needs for standard or bespoke manufacturing or medical subcontracting more effectively.
  • To offer you outstanding quality, secure sourcing and faster response times


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Our Supply Chain manages all flows within the company : order registration, supply management, monitoring of manufacturing, packaging, storage, shipping and transport.

ROVIPHARM is part of the RONAX, purchasing group, in which we pool our needs for plastic raw materials, packaging and transport with other manufacturers in the plastics industry.

Inventory management

Traceability, a key element of our business, is ensured by our ERP system. From the finished product, we are able to trace back the entire production chain up to all of our component suppliers. Barcode and real-time inventory management systems provide us with an immediate and accurate overview of the status of each product.

With our strong export position we dispose of many kinds of international transport options, be it by road, air or sea. Through logistics agreements we can set up customized flow and storage management systems tailored to our clients' needs.

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