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Rovipharm has joined the SGH Healthcaring group! Why?


  • To meet your needs for standard or bespoke manufacturing or medical subcontracting more effectively.
  • To offer you outstanding quality, secure sourcing and faster response times


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ROVIPHARM disposes of 3 000m² of ISO8 classified cleanrooms, in compliance with ISO 14644-1.


We have a  real-time Plant Supervision tool that allows us to monitor all critical processes from injection moulding through printing to assembly and packaging.


Real-time data allows a continuous operational analysis : assessing plant productivity, system and equipment status, production capacity and order status.


In order to maintain a high level of quality and performance, our investment policy allows us to regularly renew our machinery to ensure cleanliness, efficiency and reliability of our processes. Our moulding machines are fully automated.

We have two cleanrooms entirely dedicated to plastic injection moulded parts with a total of 26 injection-moulding machines.



ROVIPHARM factory infrastructure

Cleanroom SAS

We process a wide range of medical grade plastics (USP, European Pharmacopoeia, ISO 10993) from commodity plastics (HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, rigid or flexible PVC) to engineered plastics (PA, PC, ABS, ABS/PC, PETG, PMMA, PU, SBS, SEBS, EVA, POM, PVDF, …).

With our injection moulding machinery, ranging in clamping force from 60 to 200 tons, we can manufacture precision parts from 0.1g to 200g.

We specialize in multi cavity injection moulding, and high-speed injection moulding for medium and large runs. We use 2K injection moulding and insert moulding technologies.

Our technical expertise and tooling flexibility also allow us to meet the markets for smaller runs.




A facility equipped with 8 fully automated lines is dedicated to printing, assembly and packaging operations.

The machines have been developed and tuned in collaboration with our suppliers, and are equipped with Automation Control (sensors, cameras...) for a 100% control over the quality of the parts, matched to the client’s specifications.



Assembled syringes

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